Mobile Roulette Tips

When it comes to one of the most popular mobile gambling pastimes of all time, betting on the spin of a numbered wheel is at the top of the list. However, you’d be surprised how few people understand how to play this game to their advantage. Consequently, we’ve developed helpful mobile roulette tips for beginners to help you play more intelligently. Indeed, when was the last time you walked into a casino, handed some cash to a dealer, and walked away? Probably never. Certainly, parting with your money without trying to win is the last thing an average person wants to do.

Most online casino enthusiasts do not follow a roulette strategy despite having all the will in the world. Instead, most players hope that they’ll get a return on their investment thanks to blind luck, so they hand money over to the dealer and don’t think twice. In reality, unfortunately, most casino enthusiasts are misguided individuals who don’t understand they can sustainably improve their winning chances. Here’s how to achieve this goal.

Mobile Roulette Tips For Beginners: Getting Down To Business

Here’s everything you should keep in mind when playing roulette on your mobile device:

  • The house advantage is always present
  • Mix things up by trying Live Casino games
  • Don’t believe the gambler’s fallacy
  • Keep your bankroll in check at all times
  • Never drink & bet
  • Understand the difference between roulette variations
  • Play only in reputable casinos
  • Don’t believe biased wheels exist online
  • Explore betting systems, but don’t rely on them
  • Know your odds before placing a wager.

The House Advantage Is Always Present

Every casino, whether online or brick-and-mortar, operates as a business. In other words, the casino’s goal is to earn a profit, which it does by retaining a percentage of players’ wins and losses. The casino has a built-in statistical advantage in almost every game where players play against the casino (dealer). 

However, the house doesn’t win every bet every time. You’ll find countless examples of people walking away from casinos with thousands and millions in their proverbial pockets. A significant portion of such winnings comes through roulette and players who follow a selection of relevant mobile roulette tips. Regardless, there are always more losers than winners, so keep this in mind. 

Mix Things Up By Trying Live Casino Games

Competing with the vibrant atmosphere of land-based casinos is almost impossible. There is no substitute for human interaction online, regardless of how impressive online roulette can be. Consequently, more and more diehard mobile roulette enthusiasts occasionally go offline and frequent a brick-and-mortar venue. 

You shouldn’t shy away from engaging in roulette in a physical casino. Regardless of how many tactics you use online, you can use each one in a live setting. Additionally, if you observe other players’ betting styles, you can enhance your game in the physical environment. However, since online roulette is faster, you should prepare to slow your pace in the live roulette arena.

Don’t Believe The Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy is the myth that you are due for a bit payout if you’ve lost numerous roulette spins in a row. This fallacy applies to gambling on all casino games, but it couldn’t be more wrong. 

When looking at mobile roulette tips, you should understand that this game operates with the help of an RNG. Random Number Generators are software that randomly determines the outcome of each spin. Consequently, it is impossible to predict if and when a roulette spin will result in a payout. No magic fairies are waiting to reward players simply because they lost a ton of money. Understanding this fact can help you make more intelligent wagers and have more fun when playing.

Keep Your Bankroll In Check At All Times

One of the most common ways people get in trouble when wagering online or via their mobile device is betting more than they can afford. If you’ve ever gone on vacation with a $250 budget, you probably didn’t go for the $10,000-per-night penthouse for a whole week. One night in that penthouse would quickly go over your entire vacation budget, which would make the vacation pointless.

Think of land-based and mobile casino gambling as being the same. However, despite being able to afford $10 per spin, numerous players play high-roller tables with $100 or $500 minimum bets. In other words, the best way to get in trouble is to ignore your bankroll and bet more than what your budget can take. 

Additionally, this advice is among the most critical mobile roulette tips for every casino enthusiast. Make sure to set a budget beforehand, go with the most appropriate stakes, and restrain yourself to a conservative wagering pattern. Consequently, you’ll see generate a much easier method of winning money in roulette.

Never Drink & Bet

Drinking and playing casino games on your smartphone is never a wise choice. The most straightforward reason for this advice is that alcohol clouds one’s judgment. It will be easier to make unfavorable wagers if you drink while playing real money roulette games. Unless you want to maximize your chances of losing when playing mobile casino games, we recommend staying away from alcohol.

Understand The Difference Between Roulette Variations

When looking at different mobile roulette tips, understanding the different game types may seem common sense. However, the reason why noting such differences is crucial is because different variations feature different house edges. Registering the house edge is vital when looking to maximize your chances of winning.

The differences start with how many numbers there are on each roulette wheel. For example, European roulette is one of the most widespread and popular game variants, with only 37 numbers (no double zero). However, don’t mistake this variant’s improved odds with higher payouts, which aren’t the same for all games. 

Therefore, ensure you understand the house advantage and your winning chances before sitting down to play this game on your mobile device. Furthermore, knowing the roulette type is only one step on the round to sustainable winnings. Generating long-term profits also involves implementing a winning strategy and various other efforts.

Play Only In Reputable Casinos

Another aspect of the gambling experience in which land-based operators excelled was reputability. Walking onto a Las Vegas casino floor confirms that the operator is trustworthy, honest, and legitimate. On the other hand, one cannot achieve such a feeling when playing online – a website can pop up within a few hours with nothing to guarantee its legitimacy or trustworthiness. Online casinos number in the thousands, and it’s up to you to differentiate between the questionable and reputable ones.

One of the essential mobile roulette tips is looking for a casino with a strong history of paying winners. Online casino reviews can provide insight into various operators and are an excellent place to start. Remember to check casinos’ licenses, payment options, and security/support features.

Don’t Believe Biased Wheels Exist Online

Land-based casinos of the past occasionally featured biased roulette wheels that allowed some numbers to pop up more than others, resulting in massive wins. Some numbers may suffer micro dents that enable the ball to land in specific pockets when it comes to physical wheels. Simultaneously, some biased wheels have been known to be less than perfectly flat. Such a minor directional tilt also caused specific numbers to occur more frequently than others.

Nowadays, it is theoretically possible for such a phenomenon to take place in some live casinos. However, biased wheels cannot and do not exist in virtual mobile casino games for one simple reason. These games are virtual and do not feature a physical roulette wheel, in addition to an RNG determining game outcomes. Consequently, one of the most effective mobile roulette tips is to stop looking for bias in online roulette games. Instead, you’re better off with a disciplined betting pattern.

Explore Betting Systems, But Don’t Rely On Them

If you’ve ever observed a roulette game, you might have noticed players altering their bets at the table depending on whether they won or lost. Such actions usually indicate that these players follow a specific betting system. These systems differ in numerous ways, with some telling players to bet less when they win and more when they lose, and the opposite.

Some players swear by specific betting systems, but we recommend caution when using such methods. There are no guarantees that a system will work for you simply because it worked for another player, and you should never consider gambling as an absolute in any way. On the one hand, plenty of betting systems don’t make sense, to begin with. On the other hand, even mathematically sound systems (like Martingale) aren’t effective in a real game setting.

Know Your Odds Before Placing A Wager

When it comes to practical mobile roulette tips, you should understand a crucial aspect of this game. Roulette players can bet on many numbers and win a tiny amount of money or bet on one number and make a lot of money. The lesson here is that your chances of winning grow the more numbers you wager on. 

The logic behind mobile roulette odds is as follows. Placing a chip on a single number means that the chances of hitting that pocket are low, which results in a large payout. Using the same chip to split your bet over several numbers (or an entire column, row, or half the board) increases your winning chances but lowers the payout.

Most inexperienced players bet on a single number because they don’t understand the co-dependency between the winning odds and bet sizes. Therefore, understanding how this game works on a statistical level is the key to beating mobile roulette.

How Does Mobile Roulette Work?

Understanding mobile roulette is straightforward since the game represents the standard roulette experience on your mobile device. Whether you prefer gaming on a tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch, you’re looking at a classic roulette game. The only difference is that you’ll play the game on the go, provided you have a stable connection.

Types Of Bets & Chip Placements

Roulette bets vary depending on your chosen variant and generally include ten main bet types. Additionally, you can also go for combination wagers that you can place on groups of numbers. 

Standard bets include straight, split, street, square, six-line, colors, dozens, highs/lows, odd/even, and columns. 

With a straight bet, you wager and place your chip on one number. A split bet means you wager on two numbers by placing your chip on the line between them. A street bet involves three numbers and putting the chip on the line at the foot of the column of the three numbers. Square wagers include four numbers and placing the chip in the center between them. 

A six-line bet is placing your chip in the corner of two columns (at the foot) and involves six numbers. Betting on colors means you wager on 18 numbers (either black or red icons at the front of the board). Dozens is a 12-numbers wager, where you’ll need to place your chip on sectors labeled “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” or “3rd 12.” 

A numbers bet is wagering on 1-18/19-36 by placing your chip(s) on the namesake sectors. Odd/even wagers include 18 numbers and placing chips on namesake sectors on the table. Lastly, columns wagers include 12 numbers and placing chips on column squares to the board’s far-right.

The Most Popular Mobile Roulette Betting Systems

As previously mentioned, we advise against using betting systems when it comes to practical mobile roulette tips. However, players continue to use the following popular strategies:

  • D’Alembert (low-risk roulette system)
  • James Bond (a popular flat betting strategy)
  • Labouchere (a favorite among big bankroll players)
  • Reverse Martingale (popular for player win streaks)
  • Fibonacci (the preferred system for extensive betting ranges)
  • Martingale (the most popular progressive roulette strategy).