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The Best Mobile Roulette Strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, attracting millions of people worldwide daily. It is a game that has a notable place in a lot of pop culture and literature. From Ian Fleming’s 007 series to Dostoyevsky’s “The Gambler”, roulette doesn’t stop to impress artists and people alike around the globe.

We’re sure that at some point in time, you’ve stared at the mesmerizing roundtable of white numbers soaked in red and black pockets. The famous spinning of the hectic white ball stops time and fills players with anticipation and excitement. Don’t forget, of course, the horde of people chanting and shouting their lucky numbers and colors.

However, the crowd and chaos at the betting tables might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Today, gamblers are opting to play mobile roulette more than going into physical casinos. Sometimes, the mass hysteria around the roulette table seems repulsive, especially when a few spectators or players want to steal some of your chips.

Luckily, when playing mobile roulette, this is not the case. Online roulette gamblers can spare themselves of the inconveniences of physical roulette and save time. In mobile casinos, there is no waiting in between rounds as in physical roulette. You can enjoy more games in a shorter time.

Nevertheless, the gambling philosophy of mobile roulette doesn’t differ much from the physical one. That’s why you should read our mobile roulette guide and this article to learn about the most popular and famous mobile roulette strategies for boosting your chances of scoring loads of money.

Zero As a House Hero

First things first, you should know about RTP (return to player) when playing roulette. Roulette’s RTP varies from around 94% to roughly 97%, depending on what type of roulette game you bet on.

There are three roulette variants:

  • French roulette: the original one, with one zero in play that offers players around 97% RTP with a chance of giving players unique compensations when the casino hits zero;
  • European Roulette: also has one zero, thus granting players 97% RTP, without compensations when casino hits zero;
  • American Roulette: has the lowest RTP of 94% because of the addition of double zeros beside the standard one zero.

Thanks to implementing the number zero placed on the green field, casinos have a slight edge over their customers. Logically, it would help if you chose mobile roulettes that have only one zero.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t win in American roulette. There are great mobile roulette tips that can help you increase your chances to win.

Furthermore, many experienced gamblers and mathematicians have developed unique betting strategies to help you when playing roulette. Read on to see what type of strategy might suit your game style the best.

The Wizardry of Odds

Many factors determine the outcome of a mobile roulette round. Make sure to familiarize yourself with mobile roulette odds, so you get the idea of probabilities before jumping into the following hot roulette strategies.

When playing mobile roulette or even the “real” one, you will often hear or read about progressive or non-progressive mobile roulette strategies. Depending on your bankroll, what game style you implement, or what sort of fun you wish to have, you can play either progressive or non-progressive bets.

However, please note that all of the following progressive betting strategies only work when betting on even-money outside bets – lower half 1-18, upper half 19-36, Red, Black, Even, and Odd.

Progressive Betting

Some players like to adjust their rounds depending on winning or losing money. Progressive betting assumes that you increase your initial bet in a specific way after either winning or losing the game. Depending on whether you increase your bet after a win or loss, progressive bets can be positive or negative:

  • Positive progression: bet more after a loss,
  • Negative progression: bet more after a win.

Some strategies allow you to bet both ways, as will be demonstrated below.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy assumes players double their previous bet after losing. Players must continue doubling their last bets until they win and go back to their initial amount after a win. 

Here’s an example:

Your bankroll is 100 units. You then bet 1 and lose. You double your bet to 2. You lose again. You then double the previous bet to 4. Loss, again. You then double to 8 and finally win. That means that you’ve invested 15 units (with the latest bet being 8) and finally won 8 (because you bet on even-money outside bets), which means after the latest round, you have 16 at the table and 101 units on your bankroll.

As you can see from the above, this Martingale mobile roulette strategy uses negative bet progression.

The Martingale strategy is among the most famous ones. It is simple to follow and easy to use. However, you’ll need to up your initial bet to gain some serious money. When betting serious money, keep in mind that your losing bets must double all the time until you win in order to profit from the amount of your initial bet.

That means that if you want to bet with an initial amount of 100 units if you keep losing for five rounds, you must be ready to withhold losses of up to 3,100 units to reset your losses and make a profit of 100 units.

After winning the round, you then reset your bet to the initial amount.

Reverse Martingale

The reverse Martingale or anti-Martingale strategy makes you double your bet after winning rounds. This is a type of positive bet progression. It is the same as the regular Martingale explained above except for doubling when winning.

What is exciting with this mobile roulette strategy is that you might use it three wins in a row and then go home happy and loaded.

However, don’t forget that your chances of winning drop significantly after each win. If you lose your streak, your bet will go the initial amount below your initial bankroll. That’s one of the reasons players go for the regular Martingale strategy.

The other thing to look out for before rolling out mobile roulette strategiesis the roulette RTP and odds. Casinos have a slight edge in winning against the players. That means even lower chances of hitting a five-win streak than a casino has, costing you all your profit.


Paroli is sort of a diet reverse Martingale. You double your bet after a win and walk away happy when hitting three wins in a row, or reset to your initial amount. When you lose, keep your initial bet and don’t increase or lower it.

This type of mobile roulette strategy is great for quick sessions. Some refer to it as a hit-and-run strategy. If you want to understand why Paroli is so popular among mobile roulette players, check this graph of roulette streak probability:


If you bet the first three times, the roulette percentage probability of win will still be in the double digits. Bets that would come after the third round and used in the reverse Martingale have dim chances compared to the first three rounds.

In the end, you choose whether to walk away with your one streak Paroli win or reset the bet and go for more streaks.


D’Alembert progressive betting means you should bet one initial unit after a loss and then lower one unit of your previous bet after a win. If you win right away, you win and decide whether to go home or continue with this or some other strategy.

The downside is that sometimes if you are not that lucky, you’ll need a large bankroll to pull D’Alembert off. After a few losing streaks and few isolated wins, your bets continue to be outrageously high, and you could end up busting your bankroll.

An example:

You bet 1 unit and lose. On the next one, you up the bet by 1, the initial unit. Your bet is now 2, and you lose again. You then up your bet. The bet is now 3, and you lose again! At this point, you are 6 units down and have to up your bet to 4, so your subsequent loss is 10. But you win, and you lower the bet from the last 4 to 3 units. However, at this moment, you are 2 units behind. But it would help if you played until you hit the initial bet again to make a profit.

The example above, of course, doesn’t assume that you’ll end up losing with D’Alembert’s strategy. It means that you need to have a large initial bet and a fat bankroll to back it up if you don’t win quickly. However, if you find this method amusive and fitting for your finances, be sure to give it a try!

The D’Alembert method combines positive and negative progression mobile roulette strategies.


This betting strategy is one of the most popular when it comes to mobile roulette gambling. It is based on the famous sequence that an Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci invented centuries ago.

The Fibonacci sequence consists of subsequent numbers being the sum of the previous two numbers. Ok, we know this might seem confusing so far. Hopefully, this example will clear some things up. Here’s what we mean:

1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144…

In other words, 5 is the sum of the previous two numbers, 2 and 3. And so on, and so forth.

So how do you bet with the help of Fibonacci? Basically, you bet the number of units to the right every time you lose. When you win, you decrease two units of the sequence to the left until you win your initial amount or go out of it.

Of course, you don’t need to bet the exact amount of a Fibonacci number, but use sequenced numbers as multipliers of your bet. When you win the first unit or drop out of the sequence from two units, walk away with a profit. 

The Fibonacci strategy might increase your bets suddenly, so be sure to have a bankroll to back it up.

As it was shown above, the Fibonacci roulette strategy is positive and negative progression.

Non-Progressive Betting

You don’t need to learn all progressive strategies to win money. If you want to follow your gut feeling, then go for it. Many players want to enjoy their sessions and take their chances by betting even amounts despite the previous results.

The non-progressive bets mean that you’ll stick with the same amount on each bet or randomly increase or decrease the amount of the previous bet. If you use non-progressive bets, you should keep a close eye on the RTP ratios. The higher the RTP, the higher the chances of you getting your money back.

In the end, you can tailor your game style or unique combinations to maximize your chances. For instance, if going for that one lucky number, you can try betting on numbers adjacent to it, just for time’s sake.

In the end, we want to show you one particular technique that Ian Flemming tailored especially for his famous elegant character.

The Bond, James Bond Method

First introduced in Casino Royale, the Bond roulette strategy requires a large bankroll and takes plenty of risks. It is preferable for you to use it on European or French roulette tables.

You must aim for at least $200 to play out this strategy. In brief, players bet $140 on 19-36, then $50 on the numbers 13 through 18, and their final $10 on a 0. Long story short, you should be able to profit from $80 to $160 if specific numbers land. However, if any number between 1 and 12 lands, you lose your $200.


None of these mobile roulette strategies guarantees a win. You should keep in mind that any casino game involves luck to be profitable. However, there is no doubt that with the strategies shown above, you will maximize your chances.

Finally, no matter the odds, chances, and luck, make sure that you carefully plan your budget so you won’t regret losing it after hectic rounds of hot roulette end.