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What Is the Safest Bet in Mobile Roulette?

Mobile roulette is a game of chance, luck, and, ultimately, fate. You can chip in one round and wait for the gods to hear your prayer. If that sounds familiar to you, then it is time to break your old roulette habits.

Roulette is not just a game of luck and chance. Furthermore, modern players implement sophisticated methods and strategies to make their rounds as safe as possible. Read further to find out about how to make your roulette sessions safer and stress-free.

Dip Your Thumbs into Mobile Roulette the Right Way

More and more serious roulette players are using probability factors into the roulette equation to maximize their gains. It might seem unusual to think that you can save money and even profit from mobile roulette, but that is precisely what experienced players do.

Even better, all modern roulette strategies came from old mathematical equations scientifically proven time and time again. Although math does power up rockets, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to implement these strategies.

Be sure to read this and another verified mobile roulette guide or two to hop on the safest tracks when it comes to mobile roulette. After trying one of these kinds of bets, you’ll see for yourself that all those math classes you might have skipped during high school could pay out today!

Outside as an Inside Job

First thing first, try to learn what the outside bets of a roulette table are. The outside is the area where stakes are not as high as on the inside. That means you can turn these roulette borders into the safest and most profitable roulette bets you can imagine.

Outside bets are the ones adjacent to the numbers box. There are two types of outside bets. The most forgiving bets are ones placed on even outside fields. If you bet on even payout fields, you can expect a 1:1 payout, hence the name “even.”

Here’s a list of all even outside bets:

  • Colors: Red and Black (even payout)
  • Odds and Evens (even payout)
  • Lower numbers: 1 to 18 (even payout)
  • Higher numbers: 19 to 36 (even payout)

That means if you win, you’ll be matched by the casino for each unit of your bet. An example: You bet $1, you get $1, and hold onto your chip. The outcome is that you now have $2 in your pocket.

Even bets may have the lowest payouts, but they offer you the safest bets in roulette. Given that you play at the roulette table with one zero, you’ll have about a 48.60% chance of winning. Not bad if you compare to inside bets that have the 2.60% when it comes to betting on a single number. In fact, your odds are 19 times better if your bet is outside with an even payout than when betting on a single number!

Odds and probabilities are what’s keeping experienced players interested in the game and what gets them back to the roulette table. The best part is that they are not a gimmick. Many players have used and are using these methods on a daily basis. It is best to learn as much about the mobile roulette odds to keep your bets as safe as possible.

Betting Closer to the Inside

If you still want to bet safely but want to gain more than even payout, you should try the outside 2:1 bets. Yes, the chances are lower than betting on even outsides, but they still stand high at 32.40%. That’s almost one-third of the luck for your rounds, and payouts are more generous!

Here are outside 2:1 bets that you can place during a round:

  • Dozens (2:1 payouts) – You have three kinds of dozens: lows from 1 to 12, mids from 13 to 24, and highs from 25 to 36.
  • Columns (2:1 payouts). You have three columns to choose out of the first, second, or third column that begin with numbers 1, 2, or 3 and make their sequences by adding three units to the following number all the way to 34, 35, and 36.

Let’s say you bet $10 on the first column. You watch the ball spin around and finally land on one number from your column. The house will then pay you $20, and you can walk away with $30 in your pocket. However, if the ball hits any other number not included in your column, you lose everything.

Here’s what makes betting 2:1 outside potentially better than betting at outside even payouts:

  • The chances of winning are still high,
  • If you lose, you lose the exact amount that you’d lose betting on the even bets,
  • If you win, you win twice as much as betting on even bets.

The Zero’s Not a Hero

To make your bets safer, make sure you know your chances. Roulette’s return to player or RTP varies from around 94% to roughly 97%, depending on the number of zeros involved in the game. One of the mistakes inexperienced players make is not knowing what kind of roulette they are playing.

A great way to play safer and with better odds is to play tables with just one zero. Zeros are what gives the house an edge over its players. Here are three main roulette variants:

  • French roulette is the original version of roulette. It features one that offers players around 97% RTP. However, French Roulette also gives players unique compensations when the casino hits zero.
  • European Roulette also has one zero and the same 97% RTP as the original version. The main difference is European version does not offer compensation when the ball hits zero.
  • American Roulette is the least player-friendly roulette version. Because of the double zeros pocket beside the standard one, the American version offers players the lowest RTP of 94%.

As you can see above, the original French version is the safest of the three. The best thing about French roulette is that it offers players an “En Prison” getaway and other compensations if the house hits zero.

One more thing to remember is that zeros have a green color and don’t count as Even or Odd numbers. That means if you bet on outside bets such as colors or Evens and Odds, you’ll also lose when a zero comes up.

The only way to win a zero is to bet on zero. In that case, the payout is an extraordinary 35:1. However, the chances of the ball hitting a zero are only 2.60%, leaving bets on zeros in the risky category.

Because rules incorporate zeros into the roulette equation, casinos will always have a slight edge over players. That’s why it is essential to look for tables with fewer zeros if you want to play it safe.

Have a Few Roulette Strats Up Your Sleeve

Suppose you want to lower your risk when playing mobile roulette. In that case, you should learn a few gambling strategies and read as many mobile roulette tips as possible. These tips and methods require a small amount of your time but award you with great prizes.

If you want your bets to be as safe as possible, take a look at the most popular roulette strategies that might minimize your losses:

  • Martingale: double your bet whenever you lose. Reset bet when you win.
  • Reverse Martingale: double bet whenever you win. Limit yourself when losing to stop betting.
  • Fibonacci: multiply your bets using the Fibonacci sequence when you lose. When you win, move two numbers behind. When you run out of numbers to move backward, quit and collect your profit.
  • D’Alembert: increase one amount of the initial bet after a loss and then lower one initial amount of your previous bet after a win.

It is important to note that the strategies listed above only work when betting on even outside bets. Suppose you try to implement these strategies to any other field on the roulette table. In that case, you’ll most probably end up losing your whole bankroll in a matter of minutes.

Know When to Stop

We’ve shown you some of the safest bets you can implement to your mobile roulette game. As you could see, some of them require patience and smaller, slower gains. However, smaller and slower wins guarantee you slower and smaller losses.

Whatever strategy you choose from this or other articles or with whatever method you come up with, the best advice for safe betting is to know your limits. Often, people tend to all-in or keep betting without wanting to end their winning streak, only to lose everything.

Maybe the best thing to avoid hazards when betting is to organize your finances and predetermine when you need to stop. That way, you will enjoy and relax as much as possible when playing mobile roulette rounds.