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The Worst Roulette Strategies

We’re sure that at some point in your life, you were mesmerized by the colorful and shiny roulette roundtable. The famous spinning of the super-polished number pockets and crazy spinning white ball sure make a sight to behold.

With its fast pace and confusing colors and numbers, new roulette players lose focus and start betting randomly. Finally, after a few rounds of not having an idea of what they’re doing, they will probably end up losing all their money.

That’s why we want to make sure you are not one of those players. We want to maximize your chances of winning rounds in this guide that can help you win at any type of roulette game.

It’s time to say no to closing your eyes before placing bets randomly and yes to avoiding the beginners’ mistakes that make you lose your bankroll!

Mistake #1: Not Knowing What to Look At

First things, learn the table layout and what all the fields mean. We know roulette tables can be pretty confusing. However, you can start recognizing that everything placed on the table makes sense when looking more carefully.

Even and Odd refer to betting on all even or odd numbers without a zero. Lows and Highs mean that you are betting on 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. There are three kinds of Dozens, and they are adjacent to numbers they designate. Red and Black, meanwhile, mean bets relying solely on color, not numbers. Columns mean betting on all numbers in the selected column, without zeros. Everything speaks for itself.

Secondly, learn to place bets properly. That means you should be precise when placing chips on the fields. For instance, if you place chips between certain fields, your bet will have a different meaning than putting them on a single lot.

That means you can bet on a specific column and a zero simultaneously, or even on numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 with a single chip! That’s why it is best to look at some of the roulettes on to make sure you are looking at the real deal.

Mistake #2: Going For That Only Charm

The first thing inexperienced players look at is the numbers. They think about betting on their or their family member’s birthday numbers or whatever they find symbolic in their life. However, there’s much more to roulette than just the center numbers.

Thirty-seven numbers, ranging from 0 to 36, dot the roulette wheel. If you play the American version of roulette, you’ll notice the double zero as the 38th number on the roulette wheel. Although hitting your number multiplies your bet by 35, the chances of hitting it are dim.

Newcomers think they’ll increase their chances by focusing chips on a group of adjacent roulette numbers on the table. However, they don’t know that numbers are scattered around the roulette wheel, with adjacent numbers altering between odd and even numbers in a somewhat random way. That means your chances don’t increase if you bet on adjacent numbers on the table, hoping the white ball will land on a specific place on the wheel.

Mistake #3: Not Going Outside

One of the mistakes in roulette is not considering all table options. There is much more than mere numbers at the table. Many experienced players bet on “outside” options to render their rounds longer and more profitable.

What winners do is a bet on the outside, even bets, usually by implementing some kind of roulette strategy. The even bets mean that you win the amount of money you bet that round. The outside bets are all bets outside designated numbers, including zeros.

Here’s a complete list of outside bets:

  • Dozens (2:1 payouts)
  • Columns (2:1 payouts)
  • Colors: Red and Black (even payout)
  • Odds and Evens (even payout)
  • Lower numbers: 1 to 18 (even payout)
  • Higher numbers: 19 to 36 (even payout)

Mistake #4: Having One Zero Too Much

You should know your chances when playing roulette. Roulette’s RTP varies from around 94% to roughly 97%, depending on what type of roulette game you bet on. One of the mistakes newcomers make is not knowing what kind of roulette they are playing.

A great way to increase your chances of winning is when you play tables with just one zero. Zeros are the main thing that gives the house an edge. There are three main roulette variants:

  • French Roulette is where it all started. It has one zero in play that offers players around 97% RTP with a chance of giving players unique compensations when the casino hits zero.
  • European Roulette also has one zero and grants players the same 97% RTP as French roulette, however, without compensations when the casino hits zero.
  • American Roulette is the least favorable roulette type for the player. It has the lowest RTP of 94% because of double zeros beside the standard one zero pocket.

Out of these three variants, the French roulette offers players “En Prison” and other compensations when the house hits zero.

Keep in mind that zeros have the unique green color on which you cannot bet individually. That means if you bet on Red or Black, you also lose if a zero comes up. You can win when zero comes up only if you’ve placed a bet on the designated zero field.

Thanks to the addition of zeros, casinos will always have a slight edge over players. That’s why you should always go for tables with fewer zeros if you have the chance.

Mistake #5: All-Inning Without Patience

We’ve seen this so many times in movies: a person enters the roulette round with everything they got. Although this might seem cool at first glance, the harsh reality is that you are betting all your money with the highest chances of winning at 48%. And this only counts if you stake everything on an even bet. If you opt for anything else on the table, your chances dip even more.

However, even if you win the first time, there is a significant possibility you’ll go with the same philosophy on a future bet and lose everything. If you win when you are all in, the sensation of easy victory might lure you into taking your chances one more time. And usually, the final round of these kinds of bets is, sadly, when you lose everything from your bankroll.

The key to intelligent roulette gambling is knowing how to organize your bets and where to put them. 

Mistake #6: Not Knowing When To Stop

Another thing similar to all-inning is not knowing when to stop your winning streak. Players tend to keep betting more money if they hit two or three in a row, finally losing their initial bankroll.

These things usually happen when players use the positive progression bets. It might seem exciting to ride the wave of luck, but your chances of hitting win after win decrease rapidly.

Here’s a chart that shows how probabilities of winning a streak decrease with each round:


That’s why you should probably think about cooling off a few rounds after winning three or four in a row. You can even consider leaving the table after being above your starting bankroll. This strategy is also legit, and many players call it “hit and run.”

Mistake #7: Spending More You Can Afford

One more thing that correlates to money management is knowing what your gambling limits are. The general rule of thumb is if losing all your casino bankroll in a session will interfere with your financial life decisions, then don’t bet with that amount!

The critical thing is to find a balance between your income and casino spendings. If you want to enjoy your sessions without worries, you should limit your deposits on your mobile roulette account.

You can also opt to pay with Paysafecard or some other pre-paid payment method. The good thing with prepaid payments is that you can predetermine what amount you want to buy outside of roulette sessions, thus not handling your transactions in a heated moment.

It is best if you establish a monthly or a weekly budget that you can spend on roulette. The great thing with roulette is that you can also make a profit. You can then handle your earnings as your only bankroll. That way, you won’t think about whether losing more money will impact your other budgets.

However, if you find yourself having trouble organizing your bankroll or see your lifestyle endangered by the amounts you lose to roulette, make sure to seek professional help,

Mistake #8: Not Learning About Roulette Strategies

Finally, you can miss many chances by just not knowing that there are fully developed gambling strategies to maximize your profit. Ensure to read as many mobile roulette tips to make the most out of your sessions.

When it comes to roulette, experienced players opt to bet on even, outside bets to implement popular casino strategies. Take a look at some of the most famous gambling strategies:

  • Martingale: double your bet whenever you lose. Reset bet when won.
  • Reverse Martingale: double bet whenever you win. Limit yourself to stop betting.
  • Fibonacci: multiply your bets with Fibonacci’s numbers when you lose. When you win, move two numbers behind. When you run out of numbers to move backward, quit and collect your profit.
  • D’Alembert: increase one amount of the initial bet after a loss and then lower one initial amount of your previous bet after a win.

The strategies briefly presented above might help you increase your chances of regaining your money and even making a profit. However, you must know that, in the end, roulette games will always involve luck.

That’s why you should ensure not to make the unnecessary mistakes listed above to make the most out of your chances!